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April 26, 2011 / berger987

Week One Recaps

With week one in the books, lets take a look at what happened in the opening weekend of EEFL action.

Prime Time vs Rampage:
It was evident from the start that this game was going to get ugly. After forcing Rampage into a 3-and-out on their first drive, Prime Time’s offense took over and marched right down the field. It took three more downs for Rampage to get their first first-down of the game on a drive that later stalled around midfield. Prime Time scored on their next posession and that was all the points they would need to win this one with a final score of 62-12. Prime Time was rolling on all cylinders in every phase of their game. Their offense was nearly unstoppable and their defense allowed an EEFL record low of 12 points. Kendall Lindeman was the MVP of this game, snagging down virtually any ball in his vicinity, whether he was on offense or defense.

Prime Time vs Heismans:
This game looked bound for a defensive battle as neither team scored on their first posession. Heismans were eventually the first one on the board and would never trail in this game. Prime Time got within 6 at one point in the first half, and within 12 in the second half, but could never cut it even. Filling in for Jacob Schweitzer, Seth Wethor was a forced to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball. Although Jace Connor made some great throws, without Wethor this game would have been much different. The Heismans come up with a big win in what is technically a week 2 matchup by a final score of 58-32. Game ball goes to Seth Wethor, who was everywhere on the field, luckily enough for the Heismans.

Highlight Reel vs Deep Threat
This game got ugly early, with HR (Highlight Reel) jumping off to a quick 26-0 start. But Brandon Berg and DT (Deep Threat) came roaring back, cutting the league to single digits at the halftime break. Berg’s team would keep it close until about midway through the second half when HR began to pull away and turn the game into a blowout, at one point being up by over 40 points. HR’s defense began to soften and slack as DT got a couple quick scores towards the end of the game to make the score more representable and avoid the mercy rule. Final score read: HR-78, DT-56. Game ball once again goes to Seth Wethor in this one.

Player of the Week:
Seth Wethor. His performance filling in for the Heismans would have been good enough to earn POTW honors and he solidified his spot with a great performance on his own team against Deep Threat. He looked like Deion Sanders back in the 90s, picking off everything in site. He also made some great plays offensively, threading the needle through tight coverage multiple times.

Surprise player of the Week:
Austin Eich.  Lets face it, Eich should have texted any girl he has ever had a crush on and asked them for a date after his game because I’ve never seen someone be so lucky throughout an entire game. Now yes, over half of his interceptions he had to make nifty grabs, but he seemed to be in the right place at the right time anytime a ball was deflected or tipped. It will be interesting to see if Eich can prove that performance was not a fluke and continue with his great defensive play

Complete Player of the Week list is up here: Weekly Awards

April 10, 2011 / dmills14

Miller Suffers Injury

A mere 14 days before Rampage’s opening game, Owner/Captain Derrick Miller suffered a severe sprain in his left ankle.

“Just landed on it wrong and hard,” Miller said. “In just a few days, the swelling has gone down and I’ve been mobile on it, so that’s definitely a good sign.”

Miller is expected to be the starting QB for Rampage, which also features the talents of Josh Terveen, Wade Miller, Terry Weber and Franky Tusha. The opening game for the underdog’s of the EEFL is on April 22 against Andy Erickson’s Prime Time, with the expected starting time at 1 p.m.

“It shouldn’t be anything too serious,” Miller added. “I should be 100% by the time the opening game comes against Prime Time. I’ll just be sure to get myself an ankle brace for extra support.”

Miller was also asked about his strategy going into the game, being as Rampage has not had a full game played together in the preseason.

“My strategy is in my head and will be shared with my team shortly,” Miller responded. “I’ve analyzed schemes both offensively and defensively. It was a disappointment that we couldn’t get a game in with all of us so I could run a few of them, but thats the way the cards were drawn. So the first game or two I will definitely see what works and what doesn’t.”

Not exactly "Breaking" news 🙂



March 20, 2011 / berger987

EEFL Has Some Sleepers: Who Knew?

This is the guy that you find in your closet at night.

Josh Terveen is not only the scariest player in the league, but he could pull out a knife and shank you at any time. Evidence: Mug shot on the right.

I don’t want to guard him, but I don’t think the Doberman Pincer, otherwise known as Timmy, will be able to survive.

Who knows what this mug monster has up his sleeve.

Josh was the final pick in the first round, much to the surprise of the rest of the league.

He’s got quite a skill set suited for flag football, but with the lack of football experience, people aren’t sure if he’ll be able to reach his ceiling.

Like I said, the intangibles are there, but everyone wants to see what that equates to.


Adrien Heiter is “The steal of the draft!” in round three with the first pick.

People often joke to Adrien about him not being able to catch the ball, but he retaliates with, “I’ll show you!”

Then it’s, “     .” No wait, that’s it.

Adrien has shown some signs of promise being able to get open in the shallow field and impressing many with his ability to actually coordinate his hands with his eyes and catch the ball with all ten fingers.

He could actually end up being the lethal weapon Seth suggests he has, but like Josh, we must wait and see.

Hi, my name is Terry and I'm going to rip you apart if you don't stop looking at me.

The last I would like to talk about is Terry Weber, who would lose to Adrien in a race.

I can’t seem to put a finger on why Terry was there at the end of round three for Miller’s taking.

He literally just made Miller’s team into maybe the most well-rounded teams in the league.

He’s got decent speed, decent hands and plays end in high school. They could be onto something.

His name is Terry. He likes to play football. He also plays COD. His last name is Weber.

Look out for Mr. T-Dub.

*This humor is all intended for the laughing with you purpose and another look at the otherwise serious EEFL. Still, I prefer is you are going to perform murderous activities to me while I’m sleeping, please don’t wake me up.

March 19, 2011 / berger987

EEFL Unveils Feature Games for the Inaugural Season

EEFL Inaugural Weekend – Highlight Reel at Deep Threat (Week 1)

This game features a couple teams who have shown they are ready to claw out each win, a seemingly fitting game to open the inaugural EEFL season.

Prime Time at Rampage

The second game of the inaugural weekend features the Rampage, a team with a lot to prove, and Prime Time, a team that doesn’t need any hype.

Berg-Miller Extravaganza – Deep Threat at Rampage (Week 8 )

This intense rivalry was born before the league began. Long-time close friends Brandon Berg and Derrick Miller lead their respective teams as each other’s enemy.

Short-tempered Wade Miller is bound to stir up some emotion in this much anticipated knockdown, drag out fight.

The Haters Bowl – Prime Time at Highlight Reel Part One (Week 4), Highlight Reel at Prime Time Part Two (Week 8 )

This is probably the most anticipated rivalry of the season. So anticipated, that we couldn’t just settle on one game. We will have a part one and two. Hopefully that should be enough to contain all of the excitement.

These two teams have been going at it ever since the league has come into play. We may need three refs for this one.

EE Sports World Classic – Deep Threat at Heismans (Week 4)

EE Sports World is proud to bring you the EEFL and gives you an elite matchup with the league-wide favorite Heismans to take on the Deep Threat.

Make sure to check out EE Sports World for all the top sports analysis on the web.

Bennie Fauth Memorial – Rampage at Prime Time (Week 6)

This game is to honor the late Bennie Fauth. He was a great man and will always be in our hearts.

March 6, 2011 / berger987

Four Things I Learned About Highlight Reel

1. The Highlight Reel’s lack of “Deep Threat” will not matter.

If I may, I’d like to take the time to point out that I think I’m spot on with what I’ve seen so far.

I think that the fact that they are so solid all around, makes them better than people think, and the lack of true deep threat will be cancelled out because of it.

They were incredibly lethal in the short to mid-term passing game, making most of their damage after the catch. Granted, you could argue that they were running away with what would be the slowest team in the league, but they still are going to be very slippery no matter the defense.

2. They’re defense should be lockdown in key moments.

I don’t want to put their heads on cloud nine, but if there is a defense that I am anticipating the least, it’s the Highlight Reel. Now, I’m a very confident guy. I love having the ball in my hands to lead my team to victory, but I also love room to operate.

Oh yeah, not to mention Ben’s handful of interceptions, coupled with Seth’s picks, makes for a scary secondary. The defense did, however, cool off after some quarterbacking switches were made.

When we got into the red zone, it was very difficult for me to make sense of anything that was going on in the endzone with Seth in my face. This is a spot where I’m anticipating a difficulty decrease, as there is more than likely going to be much more room in the outdoors. Oh, and not to mention there won’t be that pesky backboard in the background.

3. Jump balls could be an issue.

You couldn’t tell it tonight, but they may have a lot of trouble defending jump balls outside. Clayton was pinned in by the wall and had basically no room to operate. If the right throw falls in, it will be undefendable.

I commend Jamon though for his effort defending it. I couldn’t seem to get a ball through in the corner, so there is reason to believe that this ‘fact’ might not hold true.

JD, I hope you can jump.

4. Austin Bunger was embarrassingly underrated.

This was exactly what I was afraid of. Bunger caught most of the balls that came his way and showed ability to make defenders miss once the ball was in his hands, which seems to be the theme for this team.

Bunger is a 3rd round pick with decent upside. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have even blinked if Seth took Bunger with his third pick in the draft (even though I probably wouldn’t have blinked before what I know now.)

The scariest part of the whole thing is thinking of what could have been. The players still availabe at his round 3 pick include Austin Eich, JD Shape, Kyle Pollreisz and Terry Weber. Throw in any of those guys in for Adrien at round 3 and look what you get… Dynamite. Sorry Adrien, nothing meant by it except what you already now.. I wouldn’t take you in round 3.

So let’s recap a little bit. The team is deadly in the open field, has the upside to be lockdown on defense and got possibly the steal of the draft in Bunger. These all remain to be seen to hold true, but if the preseason game is any spoiler or indication, they will hold to some extent.

I’m trying not to take too much from a preseason game, as they were playing a makeshift team and played in the gym, but that’s what I’m here to do. Over-think it.

I’m very anxious to see how some other teams look and hope to get some more preseason games done soon.

February 24, 2011 / dmills14

Bragging Rights: A Look Inside the EEFL

A few short months ago, a sports-loving, radio DJ man by the name of Andy Erickson came up with an idea. An idea mainly to keep high school football athletes in shape during offseason training to help when the real season began. A simple flag football league to keep current, and former, athletes in training. But what began as a simple idea, turned into so much more. . .

Erickson soon contacted Brandon Berg about his idea. Berg quickly realized this was a great step towards having a competitive sport in the offseason. Erickson and Berg quickly made huge talks, and began spreading the word. Within days, the EEFL was born.

Erickson and Berg both agreed to captain a team and needed three other competitors to step in as captains to fill in for the 5-team league. Seth Wethor, Derrick Miller and Jacob Schwietzer stepped up to the plate. Within weeks twenty other players were called in and agreed to become a part of the league.

It was quickly decided that a draft would take place, instead of traditionally letting the captains find players themselves.

“I think my idea of having the draft is the biggest one,” Erickson said. “Because I knew if we let people pick their own teams, it would be tough getting everyone to play, and there would be elite teams, and there would be bad teams. So having a draft is basically what made the league possible.”

After the draft took place, tensions erupted and rivalries were born. Heismans, under the command of Schwietzer, were found to be the favorites of the league while Rampage, under the command of Miller, were voted down as the underdogs of the league.

“I think it brings a lot of excitement into the league and serves as motivation to take it seriously and perform well,” Berg said. “I mean, who wants to hear for a month that you got whooped by a rival team? It brings the intensity that I, and hopefully many other players in the league, should strive to feed on.”

With rivalries born, so were rivalry games. Perhaps the biggest and most talked about is the Prime Time vs. Highlight Reel game.

“I have a feeling there is going to be some harsh words thrown at each other,” Highlight Reel player and #1 Draft Pick Ben Erickson said. “The game is going to be very intense and evenly matched. I woudn’t doubt if the game goes down to the very last play.”

The other anticipated rivarly game will be the Berg-Miller Extravaganza.

“This rivalry to me isn’t such a trash-talking and hate each other rivalry,” Miller said. “We don’t hate each other, but that also doesn’t mean we don’t want to beat each other. You always want to beat your opponents. With [Brandon] Berg and I, it’s basically just all about those bragging rights. We love to give each other crap and show off a bit. There’s mutual respect there, and I don’t expect any ‘dirty’ play from either teams in this game.”

With rivarlies heating up and players getting anxious, the now 44-day wait for the regular season seems so far away. Strategies are being planned out, preseason games are getting scheduled and the trash-talking is constantly being thrown at one another; but yet so many questions remain.

Will the Heisman’s live up to expectations? Will the ‘Time’ really come? Will the #1 Draft Pick prove his worth? Will Deep Threat keep motivated? Will Rampage surprise everyone? Who will bust? Who will boom?

But the most important question remains.

Who will own the Bragging Rights. . .

February 24, 2011 / bwerickson82

The Love Game…And the Hate

As kickoff for the upcoming season begins in approximately two months, we all remain eager to begin beating the crap out of one another. Words have been spit back and forth between teams and it’s still only the month of February.

You can say that plenty of us are going to be giving full effort to beat that one team that just kind of ticks us off. Already, there have been statements made about how some teams believe they will have the best offense, defense, and so on. Nothing like a good session of trash talking to make all of us hotheaded.

Soon enough, it will all be laid out on the field, but with the NFL, there is always that team that everyone sort of loves and hates. If you think about it, the New York Jets have to be the most hated just because they don’t know when to shutup and their coach doesn’t help the matter.

Then there is the good guys we all kind of like, you could say the underdog or the team that knows to keep quiet and play hard.

So give me your opinion on the team that you hate the most and you love the most. But please do not say you love your own team. Personally, my mind is set on kicking the “Primetimes” tail. I get the feeling they are gonna be the talkers of the league that are gonna start to piss me off, but only time will tell if that really will happen.

The team I have the most love for I would have to say are the Heismans. I don’t believe they have started any type of bashing and they are probably going to be the most difficult team to beat with their speed. Who knows though, maybe when the season starts I’ll switch my teams. But tell me what you think? Be a man and say what you got to say!